Meet the Team

Debbie, Practice Manager and Treatment Coordinator


Hello, my name is Debbie, and I am our office manager and a treatment coordinator. I have been with Dr. Carmen since 1995 and in orthodontics for 35 years. My favorite thing about orthodontics is watching the transformation of personalities and the increase in self-confidence that takes place, no matter what age our patients wear braces. I truly believe smiles change lives and increase opportunities.

I also love the fact that Dr. Carmen has offices in three different communities. Although they are fairly close to each other, it really allows us to get to know our patients better and be part of the community they go to school or work in. I admire Dr. Carmen for being so interested in his patients; he really enjoys getting to know them. I also admire him for the fact so many dentists around our city insist their patients see only Dr. Carmen when they are ready for orthodontic treatment as well as bring their own families and staff to us. I think that speaks volumes about his reputation among his peers. I am so lucky to be part of such a positive environment.

I am a native of Toledo and currently live in Dublin with my husband Buddy and our four-legged babies, Barney and Scooter. I have one daughter, Kristie, who is also a part of our practice and lives nearby with her husband Tyler and our grandsons Joey and Jack. My son Joe lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife Jacquie. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling to warm climates for fun and sun!


Kristie, Practice Manager and Treatment Coordinator


My name is Kristie and I was delighted to join Carmen Orthodontics in 2011! I absolutely love working with our talented and caring doctors and being part of such an energetic team! My favorite thing about the orthodontic field is the positive environment and watching so many patients receive life-changing results with their beautiful smile. I also enjoy my unique opportunity to get to know so many of the wonderful doctors in our area and learn about their practice and staff as we work together to achieve the best results for our mutual patients.

I feel blessed to work in an environment that I am passionate about, with two wonderful doctors. Dr. Jesse and Dr. Carmen’s fun-loving personalities make our office the best place to work while providing top-notch care for our patients.

My husband Tyler and I live in Dublin with our two sons, Joey and Jack. We also have Bentley, the most loveable goldendoodle! In our free time we enjoy traveling and spending time at the lake, and are always with family.


Tammy, Treatment Coordinator


My name is Tammy and I am the treatment coordinator and a certified orthodontic assistant for Dr. Carmen. Since 1995, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with patients just like you to provide gentle, quality, and rewarding orthodontic care. I’ve worked in dentistry for over 25 years. During that time one of my favorite things is getting to know all of our patients and seeing the wonderful changes and great results that each person achieves throughout their treatment. Working with Dr. Carmen is also a great experience; he is knowledgeable, fun, and caring, and always strives to deliver the best results possible.

I am originally from Pickerington, Ohio, and have lived in Carroll since 1998. I am married and have two children, Vance and Andrea. I love spending time with my family.


Andrea, Treatment Coordinator and Orthodontic Assistant


Hello, my name is Andrea and I’ve been an orthodontic assistant since 1998. I love being a part of Dr. Carmen’s practice because his lively sense of humor and extensive knowledge of orthodontics make this a wonderful place to work. Not to mention the staff is fun and our patients are great! For me the most rewarding part of working in orthodontics is watching how a patient’s smile develops over time and how their confidence progressively increases throughout their treatment. It’s really an amazing experience!

I live in Pickerington with my husband Josh and our two wonderful children, Austin and Ava. I love spending time with my family, watching my kids play sports, reading, baking, and just enjoying the outdoors.


Lindsey, Financial Coordinator


Hi, my name is Lindsey and I’m the financial coordinator here at Carmen Orthodontics! I am a former patient of Dr. Carmen’s and was thrilled to join the wonderful family of staff and patients we have. Orthodontics has had a positive personal impact in my life, so it is wonderful to see Dr. Carmen and Dr. Jesse give the same experience to our patients. To me, the “Carmen Smile” refers not only to our fantastic orthodontic result, but to our happy atmosphere.

I am a native to Pickerington and currently reside there with my family. My husband Joe and I have three boys and we enjoy all sorts of outside activities with our family in our free time!


Barb, Insurance Coordinator


Hi, my name’s Barb! I’ve been working with Dr. Carmen and in the field of orthodontics since 2001. Here at the practice, I work to make sure that all of your billing is done correctly, and all of your insurance questions are answered thoroughly. I truly enjoy what I do: Working with Dr. Carmen is great, and his caring personality and joyful sense of humor make our practice a delightful place to be! We also have a wonderful, dedicated team who work hard to make sure that you and your family enjoys your orthodontic experience.

I am originally from Columbus, and have lived between Columbus and Pickerington my whole life. My husband Mike and I have one son, one daughter-in-law, and two precious grandchildren. I also have two pugs, Lexi and Riley. In my spare time, I enjoy spending tons of quality time with my family, especially enjoying my time with my grandchildren and puppies, as well as boating and fishing.


Katie, Insurance Coordinator


My name is Katie and I am one of the newer additions to our front office team, but it didn’t take long to feel like a member of the Carmen Orthodontics family! With my outgoing personality, I feel like I have the perfect job of getting to interact with all of our patients over the phone and in the office. My many roles include answering phones and helping patients schedule their next visit to see us. Both of our doctors are so wonderful to work for and I love the positive environment in our office. I think orthodontics is such an amazing field because of the ability we have to boost the self-confidence of so many patients.

I am from Gahanna and currently live there with my husband Kyle and our son Colin. On the weekends, we enjoy visiting out-of-town friends and spending time with family.


Nicole, Scheduling Coordinator


Hi, my name is Nicole! I have been a part of Dr. Carmen’s team since the beginning of 2011. I love having the opportunity to work with all of our patients during their office visits and over the phone to help with scheduling and answering any questions that may arise during their experience with our office. It is a pleasure getting to know all of the families in our practice and being part of such a wonderful team of staff members led by Dr. Carmen. One of my favorite roles is welcoming new patients to our office and making sure they are completely comfortable and ready for an exciting experience!

I am originally from the Reynoldsburg area and currently live in Columbus with my husband Danny, whom I married in July 2011. We have one son, Tanner, and our spoiled cat, Oliver! Danny and I love going to the movies, so please come tell me about any great ones you have seen lately!


Molly, Scheduling Coordinator


My name is Molly and I was thrilled to join Dr. Carmen and Dr. Jesse’s team in our front office! My children are both patients of Dr. Carmen’s and I’ve always loved my time spent at their appointments and knew that this office environment would be a wonderful fit for me! I receive so much satisfaction getting to know our patients and see their amazing progress through orthodontic and TMD treatment.

My husband Sean and I live in Bexley with our two children, Lauren and Charlie — and our loving yellow lab, Pete! I love jogging, attending my kids’ activities and spending time with friends during my free time.


Lori, Certified Orthodontic Assistant


Hi, I’m Lori! I am a certified orthodontic assistant for Dr. Carmen. I have been in dentistry for 16 years, and in orthodontics since 2007. Dr. Carmen has a great personality, he is such a fun orthodontist, and it’s obvious that he truly loves what he does. My favorite thing about working in orthodontics, aside from Dr. Carmen and the team, is getting to see all of the bright, happy before-and-after smiles on our patients’ faces. I love helping our patients achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted.

I currently live in Canal Winchester with my husband Chad and our three children, Chad Jr., Brendon, and Kara. I have been in the dental field for over 12 years, but in my free time away from the practice, I enjoy scrapbooking and camping.


Lindsay, Orthodontic Assistant


My name is Lindsay, and I have been an orthodontic assistant for Dr. Carmen since 2008 (and in the orthodontic field since 2006). I enjoy working in a field that is constantly changing. Every day I face a new challenge, and it’s great to work through each process with our patients so that they can have the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted.

I am originally from Hilliard, Ohio, and now live in Columbus. My husband Nick and I have a son, Wyatt. When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.


Val, Orthodontic Assistant


Hi, my name is Val! I became an orthodontic assistant more than 18 years ago when I first started working for Dr. Carmen. I love the positive environment in our office and the opportunity to get to know all of our patients and watch a transformation in their self-esteem as they receive a perfect smile. Both of our doctors have a wonderful sense of humor and make it so that there is never a dull moment in the day! I also respect their level of expertise and feel good knowing that our patients receive the best care possible.

I am originally from Columbus and currently live in Canal Winchester with my two sons, Landon and Devin. Outside of the office, I enjoy being crafty, making jewelry, and spending time with friends and family.


Jordan, Orthodontic Assistant


Hi, I’m Jordan! From the time I was a patient of Dr. Carmen’s in high school, I knew I wanted to be a part of the Carmen Orthodontics team as an assistant! I love the culture of our office, from the way we interact with each other to the way we interact with patients. Our upbeat office environment makes this the perfect place to work. I enjoy watching the transition of our patients’ smile and self-esteem during orthodontic treatment. I feel lucky to work with “family” while helping our doctors achieve the best results for our patients.

On the weekend, I love watching Friday night football where my fiance, Joe, is a high school coach. Joe and I are excited to be getting married this May and begin our lives together with our pooch, Bruno!


Kandi, Orthodontic Assistant


My name is Kandi! I have been an orthodontic assistant for 20 years and I love my job! There is no better reward than seeing our children and adult patients’ progress from start to finish throughout their treatment in our office. I am continually amazed by Dr. Carmen and Dr. Jesse’s phenomenal results with both our patients’ smiles and relief from discomfort with TMJ disorders. The energy in our office is ideal for me because I love being active!

I enjoy hiking, dancing, and instructing Zumba in my free time! If you want to see some of my moves, just find me at one of Dr. Carmen and Dr. Jesse’s summer patient pool parties! I have three beautiful children: twin daughters Grace and Rachel and my son, Jackson.


Tammy, Orthodontic Assistant


My name is Tammy and I have 24 years of orthodontic assisting experience. I find it impossible to pinpoint my favorite part orthodontics, because I love it all! I am known as one of our most talkative and enthusiastic team members, because I love getting to know each and every one of our patients. Our doctors make our office a fun place to work with their amazing sense of humor.

Outside of work, I love cooking, and spending time with my children. My husband Bob and I have two incredible daughters, Sydney and Mackenzie. We live in Pickerington, a community we love!


Abbey, Orthodontic Assistant


My name is Abbey and I joined Carmen Orthodontics right out of dental assisting school! I feel lucky to have expanded my orthodontic knowledge and assisting skills with the most experienced doctors and staff. I think our practice has the best patients too, both children and adults!

In my free time, I coach basketball, exercise, and love attending O.S.U. football games. Dr. Carmen is constantly trying to challenge me to a game of basketball, but I think he is all talk because he knows I would win! I feel lucky to work with wonderful doctors and assistants to provide gentle, efficient, and rewarding results for our patients.


Kathleen, Lab


My name is Kathleen and I have more than 17 years of experience with Carmen Orthodontics in a variety of roles! While I currently work in our lab, I have done everything from front desk duties to orthodontic assisting, and I love it all. I am very appreciative of the nurturing work environment that we have with our staff, doctors, and patients.

My husband Greg and I live in Pickerington with our four children: Kaitlin, Adam, Emily, and Colton. My children and I have all been patients of Dr. Carmen and Dr. Jesse so I know first-hand about the wonderful treatment experience in our office for patients of all ages! In our free time, my family enjoys spending time together, boating, and traveling when all of our crazy schedules allow for it!