What Can You Eat and Drink with Invisalign ?

Invisalign is a cutting-edge orthodontic treatment that uses clear plastic aligners to guide your teeth into the desired position. Our patients love that the removable aligners allow them to brush easily and eat what they like!

As with any orthodontic treatment, you should pay close attention to what you eat and drink with Invisalign to ensure you keep your teeth healthy and your treatment on time.

Carmen Orthodontics is a Diamond Invisalign Provider. This distinction means that we are experts in Invisalign Treatment and have more experience using Invisalign to create beautiful smiles than 99% of other orthodontists in the US. As the most experienced orthodontist in Central Ohio, we can provide you with the answer to the question, “What foods can you eat with Invisalign”?

Keep reading to learn more about eating and drinking with Invisalign.

Can You Eat with Invisalign In?

While there are very few restrictions on eating or drinking during your Invisalign treatment, you should not eat or drink while wearing your aligners. Removing your Invisalign before eating or drinking will prevent the trays from bending, breaking, or staining.

 Bits of food, debris, and bacteria can also collect on or between your teeth, so cleaning your teeth before putting your aligners back in is essential.

What Happens if You Eat with Invisalign In?

Eating with Invisalign can create complications for your treatment, including:

Any of these may prolong your treatment. The best way to stay on schedule is to remove your aligners before eating anything.

What Foods Can You Eat with Invisalign?

You can eat anything with Invisalign as long as you remember to remove your aligners first! However, you’ll need to be more active in your oral health to keep your treatment on track. 

Always remove your aligners before drinking anything other than water. The acids and ingredients in drinks like soda, juice, and coffee can harm the tooth and cause permanent scarring.  

After meals, you must brush or rinse as soon as possible. We recommend traveling with a toothbrush, but you can also rinse your trays with water. Otherwise, the liquid from these drinks gets trapped inside the tray, damaging your teeth. A quick rinse with lukewarm will help remove the harmful residue these drinks leave behind. Make sure the water isn’t too hot because hot water may warp the aligner and push back your treatment time.

Additionally, you may experience temporary sensitivity when you first get your aligners and when you put in a new set. The tiny cells in your bones and gums break down and rebuild during treatment. Softer foods can help ease discomfort during this time, including:

What Foods Can You Not Eat with Invisalign?

Though you can eat what you like, you may want to avoid foods and drinks that can discolor your teeth or get caught in your gums:

It’s also important to remember that sweet drinks and sugary foods can also collect on or around your teeth and may increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. A quick rinse will help cleanse the tooth of the lingering film and residue. 

Propel Your Treatment by Knowing What You Can Eat and Drink with Invisalign

Patients love Invisalign because they can improve their smiles without changing their lifestyles. While you don’t have limitations on what you can eat, remove your Invisalign before eating or drinking and be sure to clean your teeth before putting the aligners back in. Practicing these good habits will keep your smile healthy and minimize your treatment duration.

Our experience treating people throughout Columbus, Pickerington, and Canal Winchester is unmatched. We will support you during every step of your smile journey. 

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Invisalign® vs. Braces

Orthodontic patients have more choices than ever to improve their smile. Options like Invisalign are widely-regarded as a discrete alternative to braces that uses clear aligners and can handle the demands of any person’s lifestyle. Recent breakthroughs in braces technology have led to appliances like LIGHTFORCE 3-D braces and KLOwen braces that are changing the game for braces wearers.

The Difference Between Invisalign and Braces

Understanding the differences between Invisalign and braces is essential for getting a smile that accentuates your confidence.

Here is a breakdown of the differences between braces treatment options:

Invisalign Benefits

Braces Benefits

Still wondering is Invisalign better than braces? Read on to learn more information that answers the question: which is better, Invisalign or braces?

Invisalign Advantages:

Transparent Design

One of the main benefits of Invisalign aligners is how easily they blend into your mouth. These see-through aligners are virtually unnoticeable by onlookers. This feature makes Invisalign especially popular with adults and teens and kids.

Fewer Dietary Restrictions

Invisalign’s aligners can be taken out at a moment’s notice so you can enjoy most of the foods you enjoyed before treatment. Following some careful instructions, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about compromising your results.

Easier to Clean

Dental hygiene is so vital for creating your dazzling smile. One of Invisalign’s benefits is that you can provide a higher level of cleaning for your teeth and your appliance. Adding some simple steps to your oral hygiene routine will help you keep your smile looking its best during treatment.

Learn more about how to properly care for Invisalign aligners.

Fewer Appointments

Invisalign patients usually need to make fewer in-person appointments, averaging about one visit every 4-6 months. These appointments are brief check-ins where we ask you about your treatment and ensure your aligners are providing you with results.

Braces Advantages:

Braces Can Handle More Cases

Braces let you finish treatment with a smile! Some patients may need significant intervention. The good news is that braces have been proven successful in even the most complex of cases.

Braces Cost the Same

Having a winning smile has endless benefits that we want you to enjoy! That’s why the cost for Invisalign or braces treatment is usually the same– between $5,000 and $7,500– regardless of which treatment is chosen. This figure is the price before any insurance deductions, which may dramatically reduce out-of-pocket costs.

They Work Around the Clock

Braces are an appliance that is attached to the center of each tooth. Unlike aligners, which can be misplaced, you never have to worry about losing your braces. Braces are constantly working to improve your smile.

We are proud to provide our patients with the latest and greatest innovations in braces technology. We are one of the only practices in the U.S. offering customized LIGHTFORCE 3-D braces and KLOwen braces, which can cut your total treatment time in half.

So, Which is Better: Invisalign or Braces?

Every person deserves a smile that reveals their personality. At Carmen Orthodontics, achieving your ideal smile can be done with either Invisalign or braces. The answer to the question “is Invisalign better than braces” will depend on your unique needs. No two patients — or their smiles — require the same exact treatment plan.

No matter what option makes sense for you, you can be confident in choosing Carmen Orthodontics. We are recognized as an Invisalign Diamond Plus practice. This distinction is only awarded to the country’s top 1% of Invisalign providers.

Additionally, our 45+ years of experience and access to advanced braces let you enjoy perks like shorter treatment times.

We are committed to finding the best option for you that fits your needs, budget, and goals.

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Is Invisalign® Cheaper Than Braces?

At Carmen Orthodontics, we’re proud to use innovative appliances like Invisalign, LIGHTFORCE 3-D braces, and KLOwen braces to create your perfect smile. Almost every day, we hear from patients who ask us questions like, “Is Invisalign more expensive than braces,” and “Are braces cheaper than Invisalign?” What really is the difference between the two?

During your complimentary consultation, our caring doctors will answer your questions and strategize the best path forward for your needs.

What To Expect With Invisalign

Each treatment provides patients with a unique experience. Weighing out the best option for your needs starts with knowing what to expect as an Invisalign patient.

As an Invisalign patient, you wear smooth aligners that fit comfortably over your teeth. Dr. Jesse leverages his expertise— plus the data from 13 million other Invisalign users — to position your teeth into a more healthy alignment.

You need to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours daily to improve your smile. These transparent aligners are less visible than conventional braces. All you need to do is change your aligner for the next one in the set at specific intervals.

You can show off your smile and eat what you like without worrying if people will notice you’re wearing something to improve your smile.

Advantages of Invisalign & Everything Else You Need To Know

Invisalign is an advanced aligner system that has many benefits. Our patients rave about the many benefits of Invisalign, including:

  • Quick treatment – Swapping out aligners is easy and helps you achieve your best smile.
  • Clinical proven history – Since 1997, Invisalign has been used for crossbites, crowding, open bites, gapped teeth, overbites, and underbites.
  • Contoured for your comfort – Each tray is specially-formatted to fit in your mouth without causing irritation.

However, not all patients will benefit from Invisalign treatment. During your consultation, we discuss the best options for your needs.

What To Expect With Braces

Contemporary braces have undergone a significant change in the last few years. The unsightly network of brackets and wires you may remember from childhood is a far cry from the sophisticated look of modern braces.

Modern braces feature smaller, flatter, and more comfortable appliances that blend in with your mouth. These lightweight and transparent appliances are calibrated to create your ideal smile without forcing you to give up your freedom.

Dr. Carmen is a world-renowned expert in orthodontic treatment. We are one of the only practices in the U.S. offering custom LIGHTFORCE 3-D braces and KLOwen braces. These appliances can reduce your treatment time by half.

Advantages of Braces & Everything Else You Need To Know

Advancements in orthodontic treatment mean getting your dream smile is easier than ever. Braces can transform your smile in even the most extreme cases.

Here’s why our patients love braces:

  • Improved treatment time
  • Nearly unlimited application
  • Less worry about losing your appliance

Invisalign vs Braces Cost

It is difficult to give an exact number for how much braces and Invisalign cost. Your needs and treatment plan determine the final total. However, treatment can run somewhere between $5,000-$7,000.

A smile lasts forever and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to get outstanding care. That’s why we offer affordable payment plans and why we accept most major credit cards and insurance plans. We will even help you file your insurance claims and paperwork.

Learn more about our financing options!

Which Option Is Right For Me?

For over 45 years, Carmen Orthodontics has been at the forefront of orthodontic innovation. We believe that all patients deserve excellent care that benefits their smile.

Whether you choose Invisalign or braces, you can be confident in your choice. As an Invisalign Diamond Plus practice, we are in the elite 1% of Invisalign orthodontists. As a braces provider, we are one of the country’s only places to access custom 3-D braces. Few orthodontists in Central Ohio come close to our level of insight or innovation.

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